Famous Last Words

4 April
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My general bio that I use for everything:

Hi. I may have been an acquaintance, but I should now be your friend, and eventually (well, hopefully) we'll be mutually remembered in a positive light. Yeah, chances are, if you're looking through this, you are looking to go through this process, are going through this process, or have already gone through this process. I'd like to to keep everyone perpetually in the friend stage, but life goes on and you know how that goes. . . but that is what livejournal is for; rekindling old friendships and sparking new ones!

A good friend of mine describes me as a genius with a blind spot forthe obvious. That is, an individual whose common sense is inversely proportional to her intelligence.

My heart goes out to those with respectable grammar who fail at finding convenience in the internet because they must decipher single, monosyllabic word sentences to which communication by others has been reduced. Society frowns upon those who eliminate all sesquipedalian lexicological constructions from their colloquial repertoire.
Ergo, I'd be pleased to establish an acquaintance with someone who is not hesitant to flaunt their prowess in lexicon and insinuate their pretentious flocinaucinihilipiliphication of another individual's ingenuity in linguistics.

It was supposed to be funny.

You can surrender
Without a prayer
But never really pray
Pray without surrender

You can fight
Without ever winning
But never ever win
Without a fight